What our clients are saying

Rather than us shouting about our services at Double Dutch, here are a few comments from happy clients.

Kim and Aggie off the Television with Dirt Buster Dave from Double Dutch Services

“I have witnessed his amazing cleaning techniques on the show and on a personal basis he has also cleaned all the carpets and drapes in my home.  The results were perfect! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Kim Woodburn (Presenter – How Clean is Your House?)

 "If Dave can’t shift that stain and get your carpet and upholstery looking like new, nobody can!” 

Aggie MacKenzie (Presenter – How Clean is Your House?)

"Our kitchen floor is 7 years old and when it was originally laid there was a lot of grout left on the tiles. Double Dutch came to inspect and said they were confident of removing 70% of the grout and general accumulation of dirt.  I can honestly say that we are delighted with the result - the floor looks better than it did when it was first laid - I cannot recommend their services enough!"

Carol, Cut Above Productions

"With my outdoor lifestyle and three dogs who come to work with me everyday, you can imagine the state of my carpets after the recent prolonged wet spell. Although the carpets are only three years old, we had decided that they had to go and be replaced with wood flooring. Because we did not want to carry out the work until the Summer, we thought we would give them a quick clean in the meantime and so we contacted Double Dutch. They turned up promptly, set up their equipment and started work. The result was amazing and completely exceeded any expectations we had; it was like having new carpets for a fraction of the price and much less inconvenience. We now think we will just have Double Dutch in once a year. The dogs are relieved as well. they have escaped the kennel I was threatening them with!

Whilst they were here, they produced another gadget and cleaned the ceramic tiling on the kitchen and hall floor. The results were again spectacular, bringing back the original colour of the grout and the lustre of the tiles. Thank you Double Dutch, great job."

Steve Budden
Warden of Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons

"We are very pleased with the results, especially considering the nature of the stains on the carpets.  Many thanks." 

Mr & Mrs Cook, Crowborough

"Many thanks for the extra effort that went into cleaning and I can confirm that the floor looks considerably improved and although there are a few patches that were always unlikely to recover completely we are very pleased with the results"

Emma Adams, Nutley

"Visited my mother last week and found the carpets all looking spotless!  My thanks to you and all at DD for your continuing support and excellent service."

Mrs Gow, Mayfield

"Many thanks Double Dutch - it's all looking lovely.  See you soon!"

Mrs Harper Edenbridge

"Carpets came up like new - no need to replace.  Smelt really fresh after cleaning."

Miss Galley, Tunbridge Wells

"We'd written our dining room carpet off but with a wave of your company's magic wand, once again it's ready for our young son to throw his food over again!"

Katie, Crowborough

"We considered buying new carpets for the hall, stairs and landing but decided to try cleaning them first using Double Dutch.  We were delighted with the result and so saved a lot of money in the process"

Mrs Harris, Tonbridge

"Cleaning was very good and quick without any fuss. Dried quickly and the carpets and pile came up well and felt good to walk on."

Mrs Wakefield, Crowborough

 “I was extraordinarily impressed with my carpet and rug cleaning as they were thick with mud and you couldn’t even see the pattern.  They came back like new I was absolutely amazed. My living room rug has a cream background and has not been cleaned for about 20 years and it came back not only looking like new but feeling like new. It was thick, soft and bright and really lovely. I honestly didn’t think carpets could come back looking so good after a clean”. 

Mrs J Lamb, Speldhurst

A cautionary tale!

"I was moving out of a rented house which had new carpets when I moved in so I decided to find a carpet cleaner. I found one who was available the next day and he used a small blue machine and hot water. As the floor was really wet when he left I could not see if it was clean. 

Two days later I was gutted to see that the carpets were in a bad way, there was no way I could hand back the property in this state. My landlord advised me to ring Double Dutch as they came highly recommended from the Estate Agents.

Luckily David from Double Dutch was in the area and could come within 2 hours! My panic was over and not only did he do a great job on the carpets, he also gave me valuable advice for future care of my floors.

I would never ever contemplate using any other firm ever! As I said to Double Dutch if you pay peanuts you get monkeys - I thought that I had chosen a good carpet cleaner for little money but I have learnt the hard way that doesn't always work!"

Mrs Harrison in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells

If we can transform the worst, imagine what we can do for you!

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